happy birthday, YJ

phew! this is close!

i didn’t want to ‘open’ this site ’empty, so i was frantically reposting some of SUEHAN’s AUGUST BLOG ENTRIES to help us look better, keke! but oh man, the formatting and stuff gave me some trouble, but hey’ at least it doesn’t look so spartan now, ya?

so it’s been 23 hours since my email to TOMATO99 last night, and we’ve acquired a domain name, put together this site and yea, we’re ready to go. and, still in time for wuri yong joon’s birthday too!

in the past years, i’ve never bought him birthday presents. this is the first time i’ve actually prepared a present for him! yea, this site’s for him! (haha, i’m so ‘green’…! i can ‘recycle’ this gift for him every year, keke! yea, yea, i’m sooooo… random!!)

looking back, last year’s i said some rather harsh words to the JF gals HERE. i know those weren’t easy to swallow, but that’s what i really felt. and in the year before last, JF had a celebration too. click HERE and HERE to read.

this year, some of the JF girls did meet up for a birthday lunch on saturday. saw the pics on ROSE CHIN‘s FB… whoa, quite a number of them went…! goody good! good to see that these gals are still in contact after all these years; most of them are pretty long-time fans already…

here’s the cake they’d bought.

actually you could say their pics were what triggered my last-minute action last night. i just couldn’t get the thought out of my mind after seeing how there’re still fans supporting him. and now, some of them sorta don’t have a place to go to anymore. kindda sad, no?

hopefully they’ll be happy to pop by our little place here. in fact, we’ve even created a LIL’ COFFEE PLACE so that all can hang out and chill. it’s the chatbox that you see on the frontpage.

meanwhile, am gonna push out the cake for wuri yong joon. hope that your birthday’s been a fantabulous one, and that you will continue to be happy, healthy and wealthy for the rest of your life.

and… i wish the same thing to all of the gals who pop by, keke!

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