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as some of you would know, i’m also a Kim Hyun Joong fan; i started and am currently managing the LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG FANCLUB AND FORUM.

since the earlier post on CEO shin’s tweets were mostly about KHJ, i had reposted suehan’s translation to the KHJ forum. now since KHJ had only joined keyeast in july/august this year, his fans ain’t as familiar as keyeast and its team. some of them have heard of CEO YANG GEUN HWAN, but not many are familiar with CEO SHIN PIL SUN. so i got a couple of questions asking me about him.

thought i’ll just share what i’d posted there. here goes…

mr yang has been with my YJ since years and years ago, think they must have gone back at least to YJ’s old-old agency when mr yang was YJ’s manager for years…

think the old agency was YYYEON YOUNG ENTERTAINMENT…? yea, we’re talking about pre-Winter-Sonata days (pre-2002). YJ had left YY to join HANSHIN, but the company’s top honcho got involved in some embezzlement scandal, and YJ left hanshin to form his own agency, BOF (BOUNDARIES OF FOREST) back in 2004.BOF was formed with three other partners, mr yang being one of them.

the four men who started BOF were wuri yong joon, mr yang, bae seung woo, and lee dong hoon.

BOF then got ‘absorbed’ into a publicly listed company OTTOWINTECH, which YJ bought into in 2006 (yea, you could say BOF got a back-door listing) and subsequently, ottowintech was renamed KEYEAST.

there were quite a few changes of heads (at the CEO level) since 2006. if my memory serves me right, it started with LEE DONG HOON as ceo at bof (one of the four founding partners who had since left the scene to pursue other interests), then BAE SEUNG WOO (also a BOF founding partner, who’s now taking care of BOFi in japan), then lawyer PYO JONG ROK who has rejoined the legal field after leaving keyeast, then KIM GI HONG (supposedly someone from YJ’s family…?)

the latest change was in late may 2010, whereby keyeast decided to adopt a co-CEO system. that’s when both yang and shin were appointed.

suehan had translated a related article in may, let me just repost it from SUEHAN’s blog.

KEYEAST Co., Ltd. announced that it has appointed
Shin Pil Sun and Yang Geun Hwan
as its new Co-Chief Executive Officers (Co-CEOs),
replacing Kim Gi Hong, effective May 28, 2010

NEWSIS, 2010-05-28 15:33

【Seoul = newsis】Reporter Ryu Sang Woo = Keyeast, in which Bae Yong Joon (38) is a major shareholder, was reorganized to Joint Representative System with Shin Pil Soon (34) and Yang Geun Hwan (35) as Keyeast representatives.

On the 28th of May, Keyeast said, “We would like to become a future – oriented cultural content company based on professionalism and innovativeness through a joint representative system which consist of management specialist from the outside and inside.”

Representative Shin is a certified public accountant and financial advisor. He worked for Samil PWC Advisory and Neoplux which is a private equity fund management company of Doosan Group. Representative Yang is a founder member and director of Korea Entertainment Management Association.

Representative Shin, who will orchestra the overall business, and management system of Keyeast, said, “I would like to develop a company that has both profitability and growth through a systematic management and the discovery a new form of business.”

Including Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, Choi Gang Hee, Lee Bo Young, Lee Ji Ah, Park Ye Jin, Bong Tae Gyue, Kim Soo Hyeon, Park Eun Bin belong to Keyeast.

In the later part of this year, Keyeast will produce the drama, “Dream High” with CJ Media and JYP Entertainment.


here are two rather unflattering pics of the two CEOs ^^ believe our dear tomato had uncovered the pics for us, thanks! i believe strongly that both men look much better in person, keke!

and know what…? i too tweeted ceo shin just now!

baebb 4:40pm
@philshin76 안녕하세요? 저는 싱가포르의 bb라고 합니다. 저는 LoveBaeYongJoon.com을 만든 사람이자 운영자입니다. LoveBaeYongJoon.com은 배용준씨의 해외팬들을 위한 비공식적인 영어권 팬사이트이자 팬클럽입니다.

@philshin76 저는 2002년부터 지금까지 배용준씨의 팬으로서 8년동안 그를 따르며 응원하고 있습니다.

and… guess what?! he’d replied me in very fluent english, keke!

philshin76 5:49pm
@baebb thank you so much for your long time support for mr.bae. I think fans who love KE actors are our best asset. Best regards!

baebb 5:57pm
@philshin76 & i like both BYJ & KHJ…! so i’m going into your Balance Sheet? put me under Fixed Assets pls, i’m long-term^o^ (u take care~)

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  1. tomato99 ♥
    November 6, 2010 at 8:31 PM

    CEO shin is so kind to reply to fans, and he is fluent in english^^

    i wonder, will he peek into our site??

  2. concy
    November 6, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    Hi bb, thanks for explaining Keyeast and its team. Congrats to BYJ to have such a great team working together. So nice to see CEO Shin replied to fans’ tweet and calling fans their best asset. I like both BYJ & KHJ too! Thanks bb for all the updates and always enjoy coming here. L, concy

  3. bb ♥
    November 6, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    hey tomato! i’ve already given him the link, the rest is really up to him^^ ( i really really really hope he would at least check out the homepage ^^)

    btw he tweeted that he’s not feeling well >.<

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