CEO Shin Tweets about YJ’s Book^^

Added 2010.11.07 (Sun) @8:15pm

Just a quick note to say CEO Shin tweeted again at 7:50pm (SG time),

"There are Korean, Chinese and Japanese version of 'Searching for the beauty of Korea' by BYJ. English version is under translation."

Further, in reply to a Japanese fan's tweeted query, CEO Shin tweeted at 8:10pm (SG time),

@tottoro_tokomon good evening.The english version will be published in December. EV will not be circulated in Japan bookstore.Pls buy online.

yea, CEO SHIN tweeted at around 4:40pm (SG time),

배용준씨가 쓴 ‘한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행’ 이라는 책입니다. 발간된지 일년정도 된 책이지만 한 권 정도는 소장해도 좋을 책입니다. 꼭 읽어보시기를!

i’ve no idea at all what he’s saying. must be something good…? i’ll edit this post to add the english translation if some kind soul would help transate.

meanwhile, i’ve also gotten my (traditional) chinese version of the book! thanks, FENDI^^

finally..!! a version that i can actually understand. me wondering if the english version will actually be out by end of the year. yea, i know they’d said it would, but it’s already november, so it’s hard to say, right?

i’ve tweeted CEO shin to ask about it, let’s see if he replies.

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