More Airport Pics… from Fans!

believe there’ll be more and more pics flowing from the japanese fans since more than 4,000 fans had gathered at the airport to see our man this morning.

thanks to ELLEY0606, we’ve unearthed more pics of wuri yong joon and my hyun joong from this morning… yea, pics taken of them at haneda airport.

here’s one from AKIPUPU who’s also captured the one of wuri yong joong making the (rarely seen in public!) victory sign, keke!

and… HINATAWAN has some great captures too!

1 comment for “More Airport Pics… from Fans!

  1. jill
    December 13, 2010 at 3:07 AM

    aaaaahhhhh….. what a beautiful sight, seeing these 2 most eye-catching beautiful men in the world, walking side by side smiling together, how can one not be melted by their giga watts charms^^ thank you so much princess bb and dear tomato for sharing, always <33333!!!

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