[2010.12.14] What’s Happening at Tokyo Dome…?

am sure some of you are waiting anxiously for news and updates.

well, the event has started, and yes, our dear TOMATO99 is in! but but but, they’re strictly prohibited the use of mobile cams and all, and since she’s sitting at first row by the runway, it’s kindda hard for her to sneak any pics at all.

just as well, coz i really hope she will concentrate on enjoying the show, and not have to worry about not being caught taking pics and all. a KHJ fan who’s famous for her excellent photography is present at the event too, i hope she’s kind enough to help capture some nice ones of wuri yong joon.

meanwhile, i’ll just put up some pics sent to me by tomato before the event.

here, the front of TOKYO DOME from this afternoon.

more from this afternoon..

and then… one last one before she entered the venue!

earlier this afternoon, one of the performing artists JOE CHENG also tweeted a pic of himself at tokyo dome on his weibo (the chinese equivalent of twitter, keke!)

and… japanese fan TOMOMON2 managed to sneak some pics from the event and tweeted, keke!

till later!

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  1. December 14, 2010 at 7:03 PM

    oh!BB I feel the cold outside the dome while I’m looking to the photos & goossshhh the dome is so crowded.thanks bb

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