Family Photo Project… Japan!

yea, am sure you would have read TOMATO’s BLOG ENTRY that she’s been lucky enough to be part of the 480-strong japanese family to partake in the mighty exciting FAMILY PHOTO PROJECT. you can click HERE to read the KOB notice on this project.

anyway, the first leg of the project has kicked off in japan today (15th, wed).

here are some info shared by fans, lifted from BYJGALLERY.

each group has 120 people and the entire process was initially estimated to take some nine hours. i’m not certain how long it took eventually, but it is understood that it ended at around 6pm, japan time.

wuri yong joon first used his own camera to take pics of the family, and then he would join the family to have their ‘family photo’ taken together.

i heard it took a long time also because he was taking the time to try and look at each and every fan, trying his best to meet everyone’s eyes.

seems like everyone said wuri yong joon was looking real fine today. in fact, some descriptive words that came out included ‘truly truly beautiful’, ‘very stylish’, etc etc etc.

here, sharing one pic that’s posted on japanese fan KORIA‘s blog.

meanwhile, me going to the corner to twiddle my thumbs whilst i sulk about when he’s gonna be coming to singapore, if at all… *pouts*

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