[Kei-san] Yonsama Mail, Part 2/2

original in japanese: KEI-san
translated into japanese: CLOUDNINE @LoveBaeYongJoon.com

BYJ Special Talk Show | Part 2/2
Yon-sama mail dated Dec. 15

Emcee Hide suddenly asked Yong Joon about his marriage.

To answer the question, Yong Joon said, “Everyone of my family, please introduce someone to me.” I automatically wanted to raise my hand…but I only have sons. ( ̄▽ ̄;)

“When I find someone to marry, I would like to introduce her to you, my family first and foremost.”

Then he talked about ‘Dream High’ as his future activity. The images shown on the screens were all new to us and there we saw Yong Joon playing a role of the board chairman. Today’s event in Tokyo Dome was being shot to use as a part of Dream High. He said finally, “I will make an effort to produce a good drama.”

The time was up. Emcee Hide asked him for the last message… ”It’ll come to an end so soon…” he looked unsatisfied.

((´-ω-`) Kei tweets: Hide, say something ad- lib..)

“The time I share with my family goes so quickly. I’m always grateful to you and I feel sorry too. I’ll try to do more activities in 2011. While listening to the theme song I thought that no matter how hard and difficult things we might encounter, we will strive for a big dream taking each other’s hands and comforting each other.”

“(In Japanese) I love you, my family.

AUDIO ONLY | credit: misakicoco @youtube

Kei’s comments:

He looked so cool when he run up the stairs. Yong Joon’s appearance in this event was not much, but how come I have a sense of satisfaction? Are we happy just to see attractive Yong Joon? I am happy to join this significant event.

Auction will begin from today on Rakuten’s auction site. On my way home, I met up with Fuyuka and some other sisters and we said each other, “Yong Joon was so cool~”

I guess every sister also shared her excitement with others here and there.


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