His Royal Gorgeousness!

now i’d reckon that most of you who had seen our dear TOMATO‘s X’mas wallies HERE would have been left wanting and yearning for more of his royal gorgeousness, ya?

not sure about you, but the real-life YJ has always fascinated me a whole lot more than the YJ onstage. not saying he doesn’t look good appearing at official events onstage (just check out his pics from yesterday!), but there’s something more real, and more masculine about the YJ in real life.

and i love his everyday wardrobe a helluva lot more than his ‘for show’ outfits!

anyway, just itching to share these lovelies with you! yup, all taken from his recent japan outing in the middle of this month.

this one’s when he was at the nagoya airport flying home. don’t think we’ve seen him decked out like this much, especially with the ‘jeans-tucked-into-boots’ look (which, incidentally, is a very KHJ thingy, hehe!)

and now, the ones that almost took my breath away!! (and i’ve gotta admit, it’s been quite awhile since he’s been able to do this to me….)

there are really some great ones there, ya? here, the ‘detailed’ pics, keke!

and i’ve lifted these the following two pics from the chinese sites. mianeyo, not sure of the original source, but whoever the fan is, thanks so much for taking these pics and sharing them!

and now, hope you’re having a fantabulous day, YJ and all!

3 comments for “His Royal Gorgeousness!

  1. December 28, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Princess, though I was super buzzzzzy with the holiday rush yesterday, I was officially GLUED to the cp screen trying not to droooooool at HRH(it was His Royal Handsomest, Hotness, Highness before)now it has evolved into Royal Gorgeousness(couldn’t agree more!). Even forgot to serve hubby’s dinner coz there were sooooo many pics and vods to save last nite. Thank you so much for giving us a new home and happy holidayz everyone.

  2. December 28, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    Hi BB,
    As people say – a beautiful person all its goes! He likes to dress comfortably and feels so good! For me, definitely no matter what he put it, just he is perfect! :)
    Love, Mikino

  3. Josephine Pasricha
    December 31, 2010 at 4:48 AM

    Just wondering who are the lucky ones mirrored, specially in the right side of his sunglasses?
    Happy New Year, everyone!

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