Pics from Dream High Press Con (1/3)

had a field day following the press con today? mianeyo for not being able to do live updates and all, but i know that xiaoyi has been diligently updating her blog (and also on FB) on the proceedings. and of course, some japanese fans were pretty quick with their twitter updates too.

and… thanks, tomato, for the clips and news article ^^

and now, i’ll be putting up some many pics from today. there’re sooooooo…. many pics that i’ve decided to split them into three separate posts. part 1 will be of wuri yong joon’s solo shots, part 2 will be the two honchos (yea, YJ and JYP), and part 3 will be group pics, or pics of wuri yong joon with the Dream High cast.

so here goes!

wuri yong joon… making his super-grand appearance!!

ahhh… his signature wave!

whoa! his eyes look so sharp and piercing in this one!

i really really really like this one!! he seems to be just standing there (possibly listening to JYP talking?), but am sure his quiet stance alone was enough to command attention to himself. there’s some quiet power emitting from him, don’t you think? (gosh, i think i just fall in love with this man all over again…! yea, eight years and still counting!)

from here, you’ll see pics of wuri yong joon talking…

almost the end of part 1!

hee, i’ve saved the ‘best’ for last!! i think we hardly see such an animated (and sooooo… cute!!!) yong joon! what on earth was he doing? (i haven’t watched any of the clips or read any news yet, since i was busy checking out the pics since i got home from yet another year-end gathering… so enlighten me please!)

hee, was he dancing? probably demonstrating something, me thinks!

2 comments for “Pics from Dream High Press Con (1/3)

  1. December 28, 2010 at 9:41 AM

    i’ve looked at all these countless times yday and still looking. u can never get bored even though there were some not so nice pics taken haha..
    i seemed to picture the real him each time i see a not so nice shot of him…sigh…i miss the man la..

  2. ces
    December 28, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    hi bb! thanks for posting these pics. I agree with you 101% regarding pic#31. He can really draw attention by just standing and listening–that’s power alright. (^-^)

    He’s sooooo nice to look at. I’m mesmerized all over again!

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