YJ with KHJ!

did you watch the first epi of Dream High…? how was it?

i wasn’t able to catch it since i got home late. but i was sooooo…. excited to read what i’d read on twitter! you see, tonight’s the epi where KHJ guest-appeared for a cameo role and many KHJ fans tuned in to watch it live. and guess what?! they said wuri YJ’s so goodlooking, keke! *beams with pride*

and oh, our dear CLOUDNINE managed to catch it and i believe she wouldn’t mind me sharing her thoughts.

“I was able to watch the 1st episode of Dream High. Though I couldn’t understand the story much, I’d say wuri BYJ played a very significant role for sure. His appearance in the first episode was much more than we had expected. He also did the narration with that velvety voice^^. In an audition scene, he played the piano; but I have no idea if he actually played it or not. He was called ‘ajosshi’ by the female lead (from girl groupMiss A?), haha! Looking forward to tomorrow’s epi. 2.”

seems like a good start, no? and… ratings seem not half bad(?) for a first epi? i heard it’s 9.2%…? who can confirm this for sure?

and… the media’s quick too! HERE’s one news out…. not sure what it says, but it showed the following screencaps, so i guess we can all guess that the contents was about…? hee…

meanwhile, KHJ fans have uploaded the airport scene where KHJ appeared (yes, together with wuri YJ!)

credit: 0606kjh @YT

2 comments for “YJ with KHJ!

  1. January 4, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    yes! I watched it already but need to watch it again :):):)a very exiting one specially on the audition were they exchange conversation with IU there you can focus your eye on him to look how great he is… his smile while talking his seriousness and how he express his emotions hahaha waiting doe the next ep.

  2. January 4, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    oh! yeah! on the scene at the airport with KHJ they look great & gorgeous its deferent from the shooting & photos, they really a great actors.

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