BYJ & KHJ… BTS Clip & Pics

it sure is lovely to see my fave man and my fave boy together! nay, this is different from seeing them on-stage or in the drama on-screen… me been wanting to see them together in a behind-the-scene situation like this! keke, can’t wait for a looooooonger clip!

from whatever little we can see in the clip, the two look comfortable with each other. me likes!

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BYJ & KHJ in an intimate, behind-the-scenes film of “Message to Asia”

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DATV will air the behind-the-scenes film of “Message to Asia” starting Feb 12th, 2001 4 times.

and here are some screencaps!

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  1. khjphl
    January 13, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    BYJ and KHJ are a perfect match!

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