[pics]Gosireh(3)— memories

BYJ has left his autographs at Gosireh, all the memorable stuff are displayed now.

BYJ shot Lotte chocolate’s CF at Gosireh in August 2006.
BYJ used the site before Gosireh had opened as Korean restaurant.

writer of “the Drop of God” has sent an autographed picture of ‘Issei Tohmine.’
Gravello, a wine which makes a good marriage with Korean food.

BYJ’s hand,,,

Gosireh’s original citron tea and laver.

new year’s lucky bag of Gosireh goods… a good buy to try out Gosireh yummies

and, here’s CF for Lotte Rummy and Bacchus, and it’s making video which were recorded at Gosireh.

oh, it’s so sad to see Gosireh close…

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  1. bb ♥
    February 1, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    yea, it’s so sad!

    and hey tomato, thanks for sharing those choco pics! i used to love that batch of pics! he looks like prince charming ^^

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