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if you're still wondering if this is a good idea, or if you ain't sure if you wanna contribute, then i suggest you read THIS.

annyong everyone!

it’s friday! and i hope all of you have had a good week and you’re all ready to enjoy the weekend. now whilst we’re going about our usual lives wherever we are, many in japan are still going through a rough period. yes, like our dear ONPU-san whom FLOWERBOSSA and also TOMATO have blogged about earlier.

i was just writing to flowerbossa about how ‘odd’ it was that i feel such a gush of emotions coming on as i was reading the calm and composed tweets from ONPU-san.

i could almost feel what she was feeling… the helplessness, the yawns, the rush of warmth as she was receiving encouragement, the moment when her bestie called, etc etc etc… suddenly, everything became so ‘visual’ and so ‘real’…. i guess it’d felt real coz you could almost imagine yourself going through those days and nights if you were to be affected like them.

if you can help financially, help. if you can help in other ways, whatever ways, help. if you can pray, pray. if you know someone in japan who’s experiencing a rough patch just like our dear ONPU-san, then find a way to let him or her know you care. i think encouragement, friendship, warmth and such can be precious commodities during times like this. do not stinge on the expression of how you care and how much you care, alright…?

and… seems like our dear SATOVIC (whom i’ve always thought to be such a ‘giver’ and also someone who really loves life) has found an interesting project and she’s shared with flowerbossa, who has blogged about it HERE.

yea, am talking about the JASONKELLY PROJECT TO HELP JAPAN: SOCKS FOR JAPAN. here are the project details which i’ve lifted from the site.

source JASONKELLY.com


Here’s a way you can help Japan, directly and meaningfully.

Hundreds of readers in the United States and other parts of the world have asked me how they can help the survivors of the devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11. There are many places to donate money, and that’s a wonderful thing to do, but direct aid is also cherished by survivors.

My office location is perfect for managing a direct-aid operation because it’s close enough to the primary damage zone that we can physically get there to help, but far enough away that mail delivery is working. So we quickly set ourselves up to run this operation, called Socks for Japan.


* Send only new socks.

All human beings are comforted by a fresh, clean pair of socks.

Other advantages socks offer this operation: they’re light, their sizes are easy, they don’t break, people need lots of them in disastrous times away from home, and people can keep them forever to remember that somebody from far away cared.

Please do not send any other items of clothing, food, etc. Just socks, but go ahead and choose nice ones that will brighten somebody’s day. You might receive a discount by showing our letter to your local store manager.

* Put each pair in a sealed plastic bag.

Want your socks to find needy feet asap? So do we!

Please speed up our processing by taking socks out of bulk packaging, removing clasps or ties binding them together, and putting each pair in its own sealed clear plastic bag.

Waterproof bags, such as Ziploc brand, are useful to people without homes. They serve a dual purpose: delivering socks in good shape, and providing a way for people to keep items dry.

* Enclose a care letter.

Japanese people treasure letters, especially ones from foreigners. Survivors of the 1995 Hanshin quake in Kobe said that care letters were among the most uplifting items they received.

So, please enclose a copy of your letter with each pair of socks in a plastic bag. For help composing and translating your letter, see our care letter creation page.

* Label, compress, and seal.

You should now have a pair of socks and your care letter in each plastic bag.

One more helpful item: a label. Either write on the outside of the bag or insert into each bag a piece of paper identifying one of these categories: man, woman, boy, girl, baby.

Once that’s done, squeeze out excess air to make the bag as small as possible, then seal it shut. This preparation will make our inventory management and distribution a cinch!

* Write your email address noticeably on the package.

The most efficient way for us to keep in touch with you, and track the status of your package once we receive it, is via your email address. Please write it on the outside of your package so we can communicate with you without opening the package.

* Write “Urgent: Relief Supplies” boldly on the package.

This will avoid import duties, guarantee priority handling at customs, and achieve rapid processing through hubs. Packages are arriving more quickly than usual. Everybody is dedicated to getting this nation back on its feet — in clean socks!

Please ship your package to my office:

Thank you for your support! When your package arrives, we’ll send a note to you at the email address you wrote on it.

the JASON KELLY’s SOCKS FOR JAPAN PROJECT TEAM has also taken the time to pen a mighty useful list of FAQs. i’ve reposted some, but there are actually more on the site, especially pertinent to logistics issues, whether or not you should still donate to the larger organizations, etc etc etc… so please click on THIS LINK to read all about it.



Several reasons.

Many of the survivors ended up barefoot after fleeing in a hurry. In the disaster zone, feet get wet and then extra cold at night, especially in currently freezing weather. People often forget about socks in favor of more obvious items like blankets and jackets.

Receiving a new, fresh pair of socks provides a moment of comfort.

If those socks arrive with a caring note as well, it’s very heartening for survivors. If you’ve ever been stuck in a pair of wet, cold socks or no socks at all, perhaps you remember how soothing it felt to pull on a warm, dry pair. Survivors have already requested socks on TV news.

Socks aren’t primary support, but a token of care that will last beyond their small mid-crisis comfort. All supplies exist here in Japan, so we wanted something that delivered meaning past the need of the moment, something more special than what people get from emergency teams and government supplies. Military socks are not the most comfortable. Small joys matter.

A March 17 CNN article observed about the survivors: “It was the little things that helped them retain their sanity as an end to crisis still seemed distant.”

The next day, an AP story said a city hall worker reported his town needing “gas, vegetables, socks, underwear, wet wipes and anti-bacterial lotion.”

Most importantly, shelters themselves are requesting socks.


Good ones!

Demand is in this proportion: 40 percent women, 35 percent men, 10 percent boys, 10 percent girls, 5 percent babies.

Everybody prefers color over white because white gets dirty quickly in shelters. Focus on quality, not quantity. The number of people donating takes care of quantity. Make your socks and letters count for the individual survivors receiving them.

We’d much rather receive 50 gorgeous pairs of socks properly packaged one-pair-per-sealed-bag with a wonderful letter, than 500 pairs of low-quality, white socks completely unprepared without letters.


People love to see a photo of who sent their socks and letter, so include one if you can. A popular way is by printing your photo directly onto your letter.

Another way is to print your photo and glue it to your letter, if it’s handwritten. For help with the message and translation, see our CARE LETTER CREATION PAGE.

more FAQs HERE.

there are some BTS pics HERE.

and oh, go check out their FACEBOOK PAGE and see how many kind souls from so many different places. i haven’t gone through all the pics, but whatever i’ve gone through doesn’t have SINGAPORE on it… so peeps, maybe it’s about time we do something with our own hands instead of just punching in our credit card numbers to a computer…?

you can also follow their TWITTER accounts. click HERE for the english language, and HERE for the chinese language.


me wanna do something…!!!

am thinking to send some socks over from singapore on behalf of LOVEBAEYONGJOON.com. anyone wanna help me out here? especially since so far, there haven’t been any socks sent from singapore, and there hasn’t been any socks sent from fanclubs either.

shall we, shall we, shall we…?

now i’ve thought it through… and as much as i would love to organize a session to collect cash and/or socks and then let volunteers pack and all that, i think administratively and logistically, that’s cumbersome and time-consuming.

to me, time is of the essence.

so… what i’ve decided to do is to ask for contribution from fellow fans and i will coordinate the buying of socks. and i will also try to find volunteers to help pack the socks and i’ll send them out through Singpost.

yup, this means that you’ve to trust me to spend the contribution on socks and postage, alrighty?

now if there’re contribution from countries outside of singapore, i’ll just list the ‘participating’ countries together with the fansite. now there’ll be no opportunity for ‘individual fame’ here, coz i’ll just be writing on behalf of the LOVEBAEYONGJOON fansite. if you prefer to do this in your own name, please go ahead.


– complete the funds transfer latest by 2011.04.06 (Wed), 23:59

POSB Current Account (807 12 95 62) or
PAYPAL (Walkingheels [@] gmail [dot] com)

EMAIL ME HERE with the following latest by 2011.04.06 (Wed), 23:59

Subject: SOCKS for Japan
Name / ID
Amount of Contribution (state currency pls)
Details of Transfer Transaction (including date, time, reference)

i will work out how to buy, where to buy and how many to buy, etc. i’ve also checked out the POSTAGE RATES.

depending on the amount raised, i may call for a session for volunteers to help me pack the socks and ziplock bags or do whatever necessary to get the socks bought, packed and the notes printed or written, or whatever.

at this point, i’ve no idea at all if the response will be good at all, so i can’t tell you now if i’m gonna need help. but i’ll yell if i need help, alrighty?

meanwhile, go spread the word ^^

it’s almost 6am! i’d better go sleep now. annyong!

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  1. khjphl
    April 2, 2011 at 6:56 PM

    This just goes to show that there’s so much more we can give Japan. This is a heart-warming initiative!

  2. summer2010
    April 5, 2011 at 8:16 AM

    What a touching idea! Very poetic. Support!

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