[Baeto] YJ in Busan

oooh…. we finally have a fan account that’s peppered and spiced with some details! thanks for sharing!

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(Apr 17th, 2011)

suehan: A fellow fan, who lives at Haewoondae, Busan, noticed a Ferrari looking for a parking space, when she was coming out from a restaurant after brunch. When the driver rolled down the window, she saw YJ in the driver seat troubling to find a parking space. There wasn’t a parking space for him. He apparently went inside then returned to his car to attempt to park again.

There was a young handsome man in his twenties next to BYJ without security. She called members of byjintoronto and they waited about one hour in front of a sushi restaurant. They had a chance to talk to him; boonseongbae nim posted a detailed story on byjintoronto to share it with us.

She said that YJ was wearing beige semi-baggy pants, a tight shirt with his sleeves folded halfway, a vest, and brown sunglass (transparent enough to see his eyes). He was also carrying a bag on his shoulder. Here is a detailed story. Please enjoy.


original in Korean: boonseongbae (byjintoronto)
date: April 17, 2011
translated into English: suehan

He will be coming out! coming out!

After waiting about one hour in front of a sushi restaurant..
He was coming out.
I can’t remember what he was wearing and what he was holding in his hand..

That’s him..

He is so different than years past.

I said.

He nodded his head.
He got in his car.
Us, three women, attached ourselves to his car.
It was so easy because there were no competitors.

Please shake hands with me.
I don’t need the autograph.
I just need physical contact with him.
My hands were so cold because I was waiting in the sea breeze.

But his hand was so soft and warm.
Ah.. it was such a great feeling.

Do you know baetomisa (byjintoronto)?
I’m still PR ambassador of baetomisa.

I’m from baetomisa.
I’m encouraged to talk to him since I got old.

What made you come this far?
Does he think that all of baetomisa members live in Seoul?

I live at Haewoondae.
A fellow fan answered him while I was empty-minded.

Did you watch the video which baetomisa sent to you on your birthday last year?
He laughed while he answered, “Yes”. Even I can feel the laughter in his voice.. hehe

I made lots of videos.
He might have not been curious, so he didn’t respond to it.

Please appear in the drama.
I’ll do it within this year.
Seriously? Or just joking? Or he might have received the same questions all the time?
He responded to it right away without thinking.

Now, while he was talking to me, he was signing his autograph on the book that a fellow fan brought.
He doesn’t know today’s date, hesitated a little, and dated April 15.
Upon on a request of drawing “emotion”, he used, “^-^”.

Please shake my hand.
I might get addicted.
I shook hands with him again. Ah.. this crazy feeling.

He said he was going to leave.
We said bye.
He waived his hand.
We madly waived our hands back to him.

As he pulled out his car,
There were girls passing by, and screaming in front of his car, “It’s Bae Yong Joon.”
They weren’t fans.
He waved at them while he was driving.
It looked like a habit.
He surely would waive his hand sleeping.

While he was turning his car,
he opened the window and waived his hand again.
It felt like I had received a gift again.

The Ferrari left with a “boong.”
It was quite noisy.

ps. According to boonseongbae nim, YJ parked his car next to the potted plants too closely, so when he opened the door, the door got scratched a bit. Oops..

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  1. summer2010
    April 19, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    Thanks for sharing! Certainly hope to see a drama with a great story and BYJ as the leading actor soon.

  2. April 19, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    I think, He need rest… I’m convinced, that he has too much work. Shooting a movie is not easy work and very loaded. I hope, he can manages to find time for recreation.
    Love, Mikino

  3. Landai
    April 19, 2011 at 5:51 PM

    It makes me happy whenever I hear any information about him. Thanks for your sharing but I envy you (just kidding).
    I hope He will go to Vietnam someday in the near future.

  4. khjphl
    April 20, 2011 at 6:11 AM

    oh, that was a really nice story! made me laugh!

    have just been to gorilla in the kitchen and oh boy! i loved the experience!! it’s exactly how you described it in your blog- no pictures or any sign of him, but just a classy, elegant place that makes it feel like bae yong joon.

  5. Yee
    April 20, 2011 at 11:56 PM

    So nice to read about him … Thanks. ^^


    I hope he really comes back to the screen no matter big or small. I still wish he re-make “Shall we dance” @.@

  6. hye
    May 26, 2011 at 12:45 PM

    Thanks for sharing.

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