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sorry for missing in action, but i was BUSY WITH MY ANNYEONG SEOUL PROJECT previously and was really too tired out to do much. gotta thank tomato for helping so much to at least make sure that this space is not completely barren.

it’s old news by now, since the Dream High event in japan is over by now (took place at 4:30pm JST on 4th Sep), but i really wanna post these pics. after all, it’s been awhile since we last ‘saw’ him officially. the last time was…. during the december Smile event…?

he’s sporting a shortish (but still not short enough for my liking, keke!) hairstyle and was dressed casually at the airport when he flew into haneda airport two days ago.

i believe the pics of wuri YJ sans the cap were taken in korea when he’s heading for japan.

and… think the pics of him with the cap was after he’s touched down in japan.

understand that some 50 fans flew in from seoul on the same flight with him. also heard and read that the japanese fans started staking out at the airport from the night before. it was a looooong wait since he only arrived just before noon.

it’s fab to see the bae fans come out in full force again. we’re a strange bunch, i guess, lying low and even drifting to a couple other male idols when YJ’s MIA… but invariably, we would all appear when YJ has some official events. and it’s like we never even went away.

but but but… that said, i still wanna say i believe he’s lost some fans along the way. the wait’s been too long, and the wait in between works has been getting longer and longer. strange, coz ain’t time one of the most valuable commodities in showbiz? inactivity for protracted periods of time is just not done, generally speaking. not only will the artist get old(er), the fear of losing the fans is also a very real one. this is especially so in a fast-paced society as korea and popularity contests have a shelf-life of, what, a week…?

hopefully more concrete news about his new work will be released really soon.

till then, please have a fabulous week ahead~

3 comments for “YJ @ Airports | It’s Been A While

  1. Katz
    September 5, 2011 at 6:19 AM

    hello. I’m happy to see you back here bbssi. i’ve missed reading your writings about byj. and thank you also tomatossi for keeping this site for us. it’s a home for us especially english-speaking fans. i hope to read more news on byj here in the future. wonderful morning. (^____^)/

  2. khjphl
    September 7, 2011 at 9:42 PM

    woah, i saw this first on youtube but from the other perspective. i didn’t know the people were this many!!

  3. fendichen
    September 9, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    Thinking about going behind the scene and prepare to be a director maybe?

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