YJ’s a B too, YAY!

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i’m super obsessed with all things relating to blood type.

but opps, not that i’m a regular blood donor.

actually, truth be told, i ain’t even an irregular blood doner. but i just adore reading all those stuff on blood type personalities, keke! maybe it’s because i associate and relate soooo… well with my blood type B!

yes, of course i’m fully aware of how some japanese and koreans seem to think that blood type B is one of the worst types one can be. supposedly selfish and self-centered, people of this blood type are sometimes poked fun at; believe the men have it worse, keke!

but hey, i’m a blood type B, remember? i’m carefree and don’t really care much about the environment and stuff… and hehe, i practically live in my own world. if i think it’s urgent, it’s urgent. if i think it’s important, then it’s important. if i think it’s worth my time, then it is. and of course, the reverse is true.

so… it’s also logical (and perfectly so to me, keke!) that i’m perfectly fine the way i am, and what the books and stuff say about peeps like us being selfish and self-centred doesn’t affect me at all.

i’m proud of being a B! haha, nothing wrong with being a B!

and yea, i’ve long declared my interest and my pride HERE, HERE and HERE.

and… i also bought and read this (once-a-bestseller!!) book!

if you too believe even a teeny weeny bit in these things, you really really really should read this book too! yea, i highly recommend, it’s a fab read! no, no, no, not boring at all!

and a week ago, i came across THIS ARTICLE ON BLOOD TYPES and was sharing with a few of my friends. whoa, they too thought it was mighty accurate! here’s what the article says about blood type B:

and i too subscribe to the belief that birds of the same feather flock together, and blood type B tends to attract and get along with blood type B peeps. and hehe, KHJ and TOP TOP TOP are both of blood type B too!

and… just as i was re-immersing myself in all these ‘blood type nonsense’ these few days, i received a very very surprising news from a few peeps from japan.

YJ used to be managed under IMX agency in terms of his japanese activities, and IMX is started by Mr Sohn. there was a period of time YJ and Mr Sohn were very close and of course, Mr Sohn would know lots of intimate details about YJ.

check out this clip titled THREE YEARS done by the very talented LL!


anyway, IMX celebrated its 10th anniversary just some days back and Mr Sohn entertained some fans at the celebration event. he revealed that YJ’s actually a blood type B…!! *screams*

for the uninitiated, YJ’s profile has always indicated his blood type as O. Mr Sohn shared that they’d chosen to indicate O so that the general public could have a better impression of him since men with blood type B are sometimes perceived in a less favourable light.


it’s awesome and my life’s now complete…! (yea, that sounded oh so juvenile, i know… but it’s a private joke lah, haha!)

woohoo…! my fave korean men are all blood type B now; my life is perfect, haha!

3 comments for “YJ’s a B too, YAY!

  1. November 28, 2011 at 6:19 PM

    I remember that BYJ has “0”? May I mistake?

  2. bb ♥
    November 28, 2011 at 10:40 PM

    yes, his profile has always indicated his blood type as O.

    but mr sohn has revealed that he’d put O coz they were afraid that B would leave others with an unfavourable impression.

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