Pic | BYJ & Park Si Hoo

annyong, ladies!

it’s been a looooong while since i last posted. and anyway, it’s been a looooong while since wuri YJ actually took on any acting work. at this point, i’m really only hoping that he wouldn’t just disappear and not act in at least one last one… sighs…

wae wae wae…? why is he making it so hard for the fans? lord, TWSSG was sooooo…. long ago! anyway, this ain’t a whiny post. i had just finished watching The Princess Man, and got a teeny weeny bit interested in PARK SI HOO, so was following his news abit.

guess what?! woohoo! seems like the two men know each other!

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i was commenting about how PSH reminds me of my YJ when i was watching THE PRINCESS MAN, remember?

what with the wild(?) speculations that things might not be going so smoothly between PSH‘s agency and him, i even got to wondering if there might be a day when PSH jumps ship over to KE… then i thought maybe not, the two men’s paths didn’t seem to cross…?

and omo! this picture surfaced on PARKSIHOO4U!

i didn’t even know they know each other! looks like some casual gathering? and see LEE PHILIP?

does anyone know the context of when and where this photo was taken? judging from his hair, that would be during the TWSSG era?

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