Park Soo Jin on jpn tv, 29 jun 2015

Japan’s FUJI tv “Goodie” reported on 29 june 2015 that PSJ made a one day visit to japan to attend friend’s weddding ceremony.


Park Soo Jin was interviewed at haneda airpot on 28 jun 2015

reporter (R): annyeonghaseyo? are you park soo jin san?

PSJ: yes

R: congratulations on your engagement. (speaks broken Korean)

PSJ: thank you (answers in japanese)

R: can you speak japanese?

PSJ: just a little

R: aren’t you together with Bae Yong Joon san today?

PSJ: that’s right. i am alone.

R: heard you alreday took wedding photos, what kind of photos?

PSJ: just, i enjoyed the shooting.

R: are your wedding date fixed?

PSJ: it’s not decided yet.

R: wedding came up so quickly, are you ready to be Bae Yong Joon san’s wife?

PSJ: sorry,,,, i will do my best.
thank you (waves to reporter)

reporter is Masaki Omura, he was the emcee for TWSSG event in 2008 and he calls himself BYJ’s family.

also, emcee of this program Yuko Ando, says she was a Yon-sama fan when it was a boom then, she had an interview session with BYJ and says he was a real gentleman.

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sorry, quality of the video is not high.

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