[news] Do we need to dissect their marriage invites and honeymoon?

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As the marriage of Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin comes closer, the details of their marriage, from the invite to the honeymoon location, has becomes the subject of gossip. The couple will be having the ceremony at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill’s Aston house located in Seoul on the 27th of July. The ceremony will be a closed affair with only family and friends attending.

The couple was in the public spotlight after revealing, to the public, their relationship last May. It seems that this interest will climax with the ceremony. Even considering the popularity of Top stars, this seems excessive. Leaving aside the basic information of the date, and location of the ceremony, many investigative articles about the exact location of the honeymoon have been published once it was revealed that the couple would stay in the country. On the 24th, it was made known that the couple altered their plans after their honeymoon location was released to the public.

On the same day, the online was a buzz as another media outlet got its hands on the couple’s marriage invite and published it. Like normal couples, sincere messages of welcoming guests were printed on the star couple’s invite. While stars getting married is a common events nowadays, the fact that it involves Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin is heating up the public’s interest to the boiling point.

A member of the couple’s staff said cautiously to NewsN ” There is a lot of pressure on the couple because detailed information regarding their special day was revealed to the public against their intent” and “even though the two are famous celebrities, this is a special once in a life event for them. We plead with the public to let them cherish the day”.

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