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[IG] #Selfie

source: instagram 14 May 2015 Have a good day ~ ^^ # Selfie ++++++++++ added; tomato99: BYJ went for a hair cut after seeing KHJ off at the army.

[vods] Kim Hyun-joong enlists in Army


news vods uploaded on Youtube; 20150513 SBS ‘사생활 이전투구’ 김현중, 조용히 군입대 [TF영상] 김현중 입대, ‘전 여친 갈등 뒤로하고 훈련소로’ ‘사생활 논란’ 한류스타 김현중, 입대 현장 [현장연결] ‘사생활 논란’ 한류스타 김현중, 조용한 입대

[notice] BYJ opens instagram account

20150304 (2)

source: KOB, Keyeast Facebook 7 April 2015 Keyeast has officially announced that Bae Yong Joon has opened Instagram account ( BYJ will be sharing his news through his instagram from now on. Please send much love and attention. Thank you.